Jo Ellen (loving__you) wrote in shave_n_draw,
Jo Ellen


So i'm a new member (again) to the world of shave and draw.  The reason I shaved my brows this second time, however, is because for some reason I have a bald spot at the thickest part of my brow that hasn't grown back in a year. ::grumbles::  So my first question is this: is there any way I can magically make it grow back? I know it's unlikely but worth asking.

Second question, any time I draw my brows on - it looks entirely too harsh on me. Wrong color, maybe. I don't know. Another thing is, I tend to wipe them off easily by accident or they "melt" away in the warmer weather and with summer right around the corner, I need something that has staying power.

Any suggestions?

Here is a photo of my first time shaving and drawing 3 years ago.
(Sorry it's only of one eye. lol I hate pictures and they hate me. I used a pencil that didn't require sharpening (forget what they are called))

And now here's my bald spot. It starts at the area (on the bottom) where the thickest part should be and extends to the middle of my brow. I cannot for the life of me figure out how  to shape this eyebrow worth a damn with a bald area like that.
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