Dreams do come true! (cluboxygen) wrote in shave_n_draw,
Dreams do come true!

So glad I found this community :)

I have never drawn on my eyebrows before.
In fact, I barely even wax/pluck, and I've decided that I'll go forth with getting rid of my brows and drawing in replacements.  So what I'm asking is what's the best way to go about taking them off, drawing them on, and, if I could have your expert opinion, what shape do you think would look best on me?  I'd prefer more natural looking ones (like natural arch and thickness).  An example is in the cut.


This is what I mean by more natural...  though definately not as arched

Sorry for the out of focusness, I just wanted to give you an idea of my face shape.

And another, dead on:

I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much :)  And thank you for your patience!
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