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Living With Fake Brows [06 Aug 2012|01:46am]

So I plan shaving off my brows soon, considering they're already skin tone and almost non existent ha but there was one matter that no one seems to address. How do you make the eyebrows stay perfectly fine all day? I mean I'm worried that I'll be at school and have one eyebrow smeared halfway down my face! I just want to know what it's like dealing with makeup for eyebrows on a daily basis! Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Seriously need help with this :[]
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[31 May 2012|07:14pm]
I just created a LJ cause of shave_n_draw I recently shaved off my eyebrows and I have no intention of letting them grow back I love it

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[14 Jun 2011|01:03am]

[ mood | amused ]

It's been a couple weeks, I've finally got perfected it.

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Hello Ladies (and Gents) [25 May 2011|04:49pm]

Question for you:

Been shaving my eyebrows off for around 4 years now, and still going strong.... but so is the hair growth. I feel like I have to shave almost every day. Its more than just stubble after 2 days.Is that normal? Any suggestions/ advice to keep me from having to shave them everyday? Anyone wax their eyebrows off?

Might as well end with a picture or two :)

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So I finally did it again [25 May 2011|08:32am]

[ mood | pleased ]

First time in over a year I shaved off my brows and drew them on, not bad for being a little rusty. xD

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[04 Mar 2011|11:40am]

Ivee been drawing on my eyebrows for the past 4 years already. Is started when i was 14 years old. This is my my favoritee style i usually have the chola style eyebrows; unless i have to do somethinq important where i havee to look more presentable

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halloween makeup. [01 Nov 2010|05:13pm]

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today [20 Oct 2010|11:36pm]

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[12 Sep 2010|11:51am]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi there!
Been shaving my eyebrows on and off for years, sometimes I let them grow in cuz Im lazy :) Thought I'd share a few pix. Excuse the webcam low-quality pix
--Here--Collapse )

Thanks for lookin~

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incident! [11 Sep 2010|11:05pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

 Well, I recently singed my eyebrows off while bleaching them and now, in place of any hairs, I have smooth veiny chemical burns. Drawing them on has made me feel pretty Groucho-esque so I am desperate for tips on how to make them look as natural as possible.

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[10 Jul 2010|07:16pm]

although i still shave my brows, i very rarely draw them on anymore, partly because of the hot weather, mostly because of laziness. so i'm a bit rusty. but yesterday i had some extra time and managed to get halfway decent eyebrows on my first try, yay.

webcam picCollapse )
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Just started doing this too! [08 Jul 2010|06:34pm]

I hated my natural brows because they grew out uneven & black. :( Do these look OK? I used a stencil (worried they are turning out too thick) I just highlighted my own hair too. Matches the hair color OK?? Thanks for your input.

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[06 May 2010|06:34pm]

For those who have been shaving and drawing for a long time, have you ever considered other more permanent methods, such as electrolysis and cosmetic tattooing?

Recently, I have. I've been shaving and drawing mine for years and it's becoming a pain the ass... having to shave them every couple of days, drawing them on every day, waking up with no eyebrows, etc.

The only downsides to more permanent things would be if you should ever change your mind and want to grow them out again, or if you want to experiment with more techniques with shape and thickness.

I know I'd want to do neither of those, so if I had more money at this time, I would definately do the electrolysis so they never grow back, and then get them tattooed on (I pretty much know what shape and thickness I want mine).

Any thoughts/ideas/comments on this?
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[02 Apr 2010|04:08pm]



Even if it's tacky, I'm excited to finally be able to match crazy hair colors with  crazy eyebrows!
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My eyebrows [24 Mar 2010|04:50pm]
Okay so i started shaving my eyebrows back in September of last year. I have loved the way the look ever since then. I have naturally light eyebrows. It took some time to kind of get the hang of free handing them but they look much better now. Oh & i once tried stencils 0_o it was TERRIBLE. ha.


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Help? [22 Mar 2010|09:20pm]


So i'm a new member (again) to the world of shave and draw.  The reason I shaved my brows this second time, however, is because for some reason I have a bald spot at the thickest part of my brow that hasn't grown back in a year. ::grumbles::  So my first question is this: is there any way I can magically make it grow back? I know it's unlikely but worth asking.

Second question, any time I draw my brows on - it looks entirely too harsh on me. Wrong color, maybe. I don't know. Another thing is, I tend to wipe them off easily by accident or they "melt" away in the warmer weather and with summer right around the corner, I need something that has staying power.

Any suggestions?

Here is a photo of my first time shaving and drawing 3 years ago.
(Sorry it's only of one eye. lol I hate pictures and they hate me. I used a pencil that didn't require sharpening (forget what they are called))

And now here's my bald spot. It starts at the area (on the bottom) where the thickest part should be and extends to the middle of my brow. I cannot for the life of me figure out how  to shape this eyebrow worth a damn with a bald area like that.
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So glad I found this community :) [07 Mar 2010|11:24pm]


I have never drawn on my eyebrows before.
In fact, I barely even wax/pluck, and I've decided that I'll go forth with getting rid of my brows and drawing in replacements.  So what I'm asking is what's the best way to go about taking them off, drawing them on, and, if I could have your expert opinion, what shape do you think would look best on me?  I'd prefer more natural looking ones (like natural arch and thickness).  An example is in the cut.


Examples and my pics under the cutCollapse )

I hope I didn't confuse anyone too much :)  And thank you for your patience!
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[21 Feb 2010|02:07pm]

I should probably share some new pics of me and my eyebrows (or lack of :) ) also my first post in here...
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Heehaw [21 Feb 2010|01:22am]

[ mood | crappy ]

Ok, fake eyebrows;

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n00b [17 Feb 2010|11:18pm]


Hey, I'm new.. been drawing them on for almost a year.. :]
Pictures taken at different times....Read more...Collapse )

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